Our Services

Morice, List & Associates, LLC provides a variety of professional services to wide assortment of clients. We strive to offer these services in a timely manner and at a competitive fee. Our clients include closely held businesses, not-for-profit entities, labor unions and employee benefit plans.

Our Firm is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). We conduct all of our services under the Professional Code of Conduct issued by the AICPA.

Current standards require us to obtain a written engagement letter prior to starting any engagement with our clients.

Accounting and Tax Services


We will tailor our services to meet your specific needs and budget. These services can be as limited or in depth as you desire. Your monthly or quarterly financial statements will be prepared in a format that is the most useful for you. Our staff will also be available to discuss the financial statements with you so that they may become effective management tools. Many of our clients utilize “in house” bookkeeping departments and computer based accounting systems. We will design our services to maximize the benefits of an “in house” system.

If needed, our Accounting Services Department can provide detailed bookkeeping services, such as check writing, customer invoicing services, preparation of bank statement reconciliations, tracking of receivables and payables, and payroll processing services.

Tax Planning, Preparation, and Representation

We will prepare your required payroll, sales tax, and income tax filings for not-for-profit as well as for profit entities. Our staff offers tax advice and planning, including information related to the most recent federal and state income tax law changes. We can advise you of the specific tax effect of pending transactions and assist you with the best transaction structure to meet your needs. If you are a new business, we can help you decide whether you should incorporate, elect Subchapter S status or operate using some other business structure.

Our licensed professionals can provide representation services before the IRS, state and local tax authorities should you receive a notice or in the unlikely event your return is selected for audit.

It is not necessary for us to have prepared the original return to provide you with representation.

Consulting and other Services

Computer Consulting

Our accounting services staff has many years of experience with bookkeeping and accounting software. While Quickbooks and Sage are most prevalent, we have experience with other software as well. We can recommend cost effective software that will meet your individual needs. Our staff will be able to assist with the establishment of your accounting system and, if required, teach you or your staff to use the software. We will also provide continued support.

Business and Tax Planning

There are many other situations where we may assist you in your business. The following is a partial list.

  • Asset - Lease vs. Buy decisions

  • Tax consequences of leasing an auto

  • Tax consequences of personal use of autos and other business assets

  • Tax effect of the sale of property

  • Assistance in the planning and timing of your transactions to give you the maximum benefit when utilizing long term capital losses or net operating losses

  • Proper handling of company provided health insurance and other benefits for both stockholders and employees

  • Employee Benefits

        • We will work closely with your financial advisor to determine which pension or profit sharing plan is best for you.
        • We are not financial planners and therefore, we will not provide specific investment advice.
        • Our goal is to provide maximum owner benefit at an effective cost under the current IRS regulations.
        • We can assist you with the selection of other employee benefits programs.
        • Once a transaction is completed, the tax consequences are fixed.
        • Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions or a pending issue.

Reviewed, Compiled or Prepared Financial Statements

Since every business has its own financial reporting requirements, your financial statements may need to be REVIEWED, COMPILED or PREPARED. (For more information regarding levels of assurance related to these engagements, Click Here). Reviewed and Compiled statements may be presented for use by third parties such as banks, investors or other creditors. Prepared financial statements are limited in their use to management or owners of the entity. Our services will be conducted under the professional standards as issued by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

Agreed Upon Procedure Engagements and Other Attestation Engagements

We can provide very specific and tailored engagements under the attestation standards. These engagements are designed to meet a specified need of management. These engagements are limited in scope and required understanding between us and our client. Many of the engagements are designed with procedures similar to one performed during an audit, without incurring the time or expense of a financial statement audit.

For Example:

  • Confirming cash or accounts receivables
  • Performing cutoff procedures
  • Testing revenue transactions
  • Vouching cash disbursements

Audited Financial Statement Support Services

We may provide audit support services that bridge the gap between your internal accounting staff and the outside auditors, allowing your chosen audit firm to remain independent under current professional standards. If you currently do not have an audit firm and are required to have an audit, we can assist in that selection process.